USA Weightlifting Course Training – Developed by Michael Conroy & Idaho Weightlifting
These programs are used in the USA Weightlifting Level One Coaching Courses.
USAW Cycle One
USAW Cycle Two
USAW Cycle Three

Class III TrainingDeveloped by Michael Conroy & Idaho Weightlifting
This program is based upon the Classification System used by the Russians and The Canadians. U.S. Weightlifters had a similar program until the start of the 1990’s.
Class III Cycle One
Class III Cycle Two
Class III Cycle Three

Class II Training – Developed by Michael Conroy & Idaho Weightlifting
The second tier of The Classification Training System.
Class II Cycle One
Class II Cycle Two
Class II Cycle Three

Russian Modified Training – Developed by Michael Conroy & Idaho Weightlifting
Modified from Soviet Union Programs it uses partial movements (hangs, powers, 3 stage movements and pulls to a lift) as well as classical movements to bring about very solid results. It still follows our belief in “Supercompensation” and is a 13-week cycle.
Russian Modified Training Cycle (13 Weeks)

Calipan Training – Developed by John Thrush & Calipan WLC
Stop Squats, Segment Training, and Outstanding Performances are the Hallmarks of the Calpian Weightlifting Team. Here is an opportunity to train as the members of this National Championship Team do.
The two programs listed here were developed by John Thrush, founder of the Calpian WLC. When those in our sport speak of the nations best coaches John is always at the top of everyone’s list and rightfully so.
These programs are advanced “Performance” Cycles and you’ll need to be in shape to complete them.
Calpian Training (8 weeks)
Calpian Segment Training (5 weeks)


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