Coaching Resources


Class III Training – Philosophy Behind Training Beginning Weightlifters – Michael Conroy
Class II Training – Advancing Novice Weightlifters to National Level Weightlifters – Michael Conroy
Class I Training – Advanced Training for Elite Weightlifters – Michael Conroy


Factors that Influence a Weightlifters “Pull” – A look at the different concerns coaches and athletes should consider when evaluating their ‘pull’ – Michael Conroy

Real Pulls – A look at the actual events of a weightlifting pull. – Michael Conroy

The Jerk – Suggestions for improving the performance of this, critical, part of Weightlifting. – Michael Conroy

Program Design – Basic concepts for developing training programs for weightlifters. – Michael Conroy

Supercompensation – learn the history and development of this program that is the basis for all training by Idaho Weightlifting. – Michael Conroy

Competition Strategies, A look at warming up and two approaches on staying warm after the opening attempt. – Michael Conroy

Teaching Progressions for the Olympic Lifts. – Mike Burgener

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